What Real Estate Agents Need to Know About COVID-19

Real Estate Industry HousingAs the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be an adaptation for many in real estate, life will not be on pause until further notice. There are a lot of situations we must wait to reschedule. Some surgeries, some relocations, some downsizing, projects delayed, to name a few. But the market is still very active. 

As the world went on pause, many thought the real estate market would too - but it did not. Agents and brokers were instructed to not have any in-person meetings with their clients, and most buyers and sellers wanted to stay put because of the extreme uncertainty. Though some of the momentum of the new year was halted, the market declined briefly and real estate had to adapt to the "new normal." 

Virtual tours via videoconferencing, 3D floor plans and video walkthroughs have taken the place of some in-person appointments and tours. These tools have allowed agents to engage with buyers to help narrow choices and even execute contracts. If you're in the market for a new house, the show must sometimes go on, even if its wildly different than the traditional real estate transaction. 

We want to make it clear to all of our clients that Corporate Suites is still open for business and will be accommodating to all, no matter why you are traveling to Texas. We want to make this announcement especially for the real estae agents and brokers who are trying to continue serving their clients. 

Real Estate Agents, if your client is currently buying or selling a home in Texas and the process has stalled or accelerated because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to talk with you! If your client is stuck in limbo with no where to stay, Corporate Suites can help you.

Aside from being able to provide luxury, fully furnished temporary housing options across Texas, partnering with Corporate Suites has a variety of other benefits, including:

  • Commission for referrals - Most corporate housing providers offer a commission to licensed realtors for each referral. This amount is paid monthly throughout the term of the clients stay. Additional incentives are sometimes offered seasonally or if an influx of availability hits the market. This is a completely non-competitive situation for the realtor and the corporate housing provider. Most corporate housing companies have licensed realtors, but they concentrate only on their field of expertise, not home sales!

  • Preferential rates - Depending on availability and the length of stay needed, corporate housing companies can offer real estate agents preferential rates to pass along to their clients. This can be very helpful as often times temporary housing is an unexpected expense.

  • Seamless booking - The typical process involves a real estate agent providing the corporate housing company with their client’s contact information. This eliminates the muddle in the middle of relaying information. The provider keeps the agent in the loop on all correspondence but keeps them from any additional workload. Next, the provider will handle the booking process from start to finish. The agent can stay as closely involved as they like. This frees up time for the agent to focus on the home purchase, rental or sale. Corporate housing specialists are happy to tour your clients to the various available properties as they are experts on the apartment locations and amenities. Corporate housing companies realize the importance of making your client happy. They are here to make you shine!

  • Business referrals - Another perk to real estate agent partners is corporate housing providers often refer business to realtors. For example, many have clients who were originally in town on a temporary project and the situation changes to permanent placement. Now they need to buy a house. Temporary housing companies like to send their referrals to brokers they trust and have an established business relationship with.

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