What is Corporate Housing?

Many traveling executives have come to know the answer to the common question, what exactly is corporate housing?

In a nutshell, this type of lodging describes any kind of apartment, condo, or other temporary residential home that is specifically designed for short-term stays. These are typically used by travelling professionals, executives on business trips, or other individuals who find themselves in need of temporary lodging in a foreign city. Some of these stays are especially short, while others can extend beyond several months.

The old days of checking into a local motel for extended periods of time, incurring the high costs and cheap amenities, are gone.

The newer alternative lodging comes fully-furnished, complete with kitchen utensils, updated furniture and plush beds. Appliances, cookware, and many more items help to transform these spaces into comfortable temporary units. While these may seem like small changes, having a true place to call home when on an extended work duty in an unfamiliar city is the necessary break from the monotony of blank hotel spaces.

Location is one of the core factors that goes into what is known as corporate housing.

These short-term apartments are typically chosen because they are within the city’s commercial spots, complete with easy access to all of the local amenities. Insurance adjusters and other professionals who are commonly on assignment in foreign cities each have their own pace and personal needs. Options are available for individuals who command a social night life, or professionals who need a serene environment, and everything in between. If the city is unattractive as a living space, there are also lodging units further out into the suburbs.

When it comes to what is unique about corporate housing in comparison to other temporary solutions, space is king.

Many professionals are travelling with family and pets, so an extended stay in a cramped hotel room simply is not an option. These units are designed with relaxation in mind, unlike the alternatives where cramming the most amount of bodies in a single room is the utmost concern. This extra space allows travelers to enjoy all the comforts of home, including cable TV and high-speed internet. Other features that extend beyond the living space often include biking and jogging trails and dog parks for any travelling companions.

All of this luxury does not entail an expensive stay however.

What is a corporate housing unit compared to the alternative? The short answer is that it is a true home away from home. There are simply no hotel, motel, or other alternative that can offer the rates and flexible leases that these temporary units can. Travelling executives and on-assignment workers such as insurance adjusters would be remiss to pass up on these luxury units, especially if they require something beyond the vacant rooms that were all too commonplace in the past. 

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