Benefits of Corporate Housing

What temporary corporate housing offers is the kind of comfort that is often hard to find while on the road.

Business professionals on assignment typically expect some level of frustration when finding a place to stay in the interim, and many have just learned to live with that disappointment. Maybe it’s the lack of space, lack of privacy, poor location or absence of amenities, but businessmen and women on assignment must feel like they are always sacrificing something to make amends on the road. Fortunately, this isn’t really necessary, and short term furnished apartments can provide all of the comfort and convenience a professional would need, and in a flexible leasing arrangement as well.

"What does temporary corporate housing offer that other residential options don’t?"

These short term homes are designed with the modern businessperson in mind, whether that professional is a project manager, an executive, consultant, insurance adjuster or one of many other experts that have to hit the road frequently. These people have come to expect some level of luxury and comfort, and short term furnished homes bring them both. While hotels and other extended stay locations can feel cramped and sparse at the same time, short term luxury apartments and homes are decked out with fine furnishings, fixtures, and decor. Extended floor plans ensure an entire family can stretch out and keep their privacy, which can be impossible to hold onto when staying at a hotel or with relatives.

Short term apartments also come complete with many amenities that will be hard to let go of when it’s time to return home. Resort style pools, advanced fitness centers, walking and jogging trails, a dog park, covered and private parking, extra storage, a put together clubhouse and business center, are just some of the community-wide amenities a tenant can expect from a short term luxury apartment. These properties offer excellent in unit furnishings, fully functional kitchens, walk-in closets, vaulted ceilings, garden tubs, private balconies and a host of other small additions and tweaks that give the home something extra. A functioning kitchen will likely be of particular importance to a business professional, as many have to settle for poor eating on the road, on account of not having a kitchen on hand to use.

Corporate Furnished Housing is the go-to service for locating temporary corporate housing, and services all of the major cities in Texas. Its partner properties are found all over Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, and all of them are located in affluent, active neighborhoods that are both safe and fun. It’s the perfect spot for a single professional or a family and can provide a vacation like experience even while managing important business.

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