Corporate Housing Systems

Corporate housing systems are called such because they were originally designed for business professionals making a short stop in a new city.

In today’s global, fast-paced economy, businesses are taking on challenges that can’t always be solved from a single location. Sometimes, people with special skills have to be sent to other cities to help manage projects, execute initiatives or negotiate terms with a potential client. Given the time-sensitive nature of their work and their need for a comfortable work space, companies have stepped up to facilitate an appropriate living situation for these professionals.

"What exactly are corporate housing systems?"

In general, they refer to any house, apartment, condo or other residential space that is fully furnished and designed to accommodate temporary tenants. These properties are superior to hotels in most ways, in that they provide full floor plans, additional amenities, extra space to work with and better locations. For example, hotels are usually found along the outskirts of town, which can make for an unfamiliar and frustrating commute into town every day. With a short-term residence, professionals can remain within a few miles of where they work and cut out the difficulty normally involved in a temporary relocation. Corporate Suites in Houston, Texas specializes in very nice fully furnished apartments in Texas. Quality and concierge style service is how we make our mark.

Businesses often place their managers and executives in corporate housing systems, for several reasons. For one, the cost is negligible compared to a traditional long-term lease and provides luxury living conditions. Companies want their top decision makers to feel taken care of, and also want to produce a good first impression if the executive needs to entertain important guests. Luxury short term homes offer more space than comparable extended stay places and are more private, making them ideal places for meeting clients.

Short term residences are prized for their excellent set of features and because they make for an ideal last minute solution. Properties that offer short term residences are used to working with demanding business clients that have to place executives at a moment’s notice. However, it is still recommended that a business tie their search to a professional locator service, as this will give the business a number of competitive offers to choose from.

"Who else can benefit from corporate housing systems?"

Though business professionals are still the primary target for these short term residences, properties also advertise their living spaces to vacationing families, people who need a transitional home, and students who only require lodgings for certain parts of the year. Another less common, but still important client is the family who has been displaced due to some form of natural disaster. This is particularly common along the coast, where floods and hurricanes can force families from their homes. A short term residence, in this case, can be a life saver.

In short, these homes are the ideal temporary solution for anyone who needs a spot to settle into while getting used to a new city. 

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