Tips for Staying in Shape at Your Corporate Apartment

Staying in shape at home may seem tricky, but it is more challenging when traveling and living in a corporate apartment. The new environment may make it hard to find a natural rhythm and do your regular workouts. Luckily, with proper preparation, adequate facilities, and motivation, you can stay active during any work trip. Read on for tips on how to stay safe and in shape when residing in a corporate apartment.

Plan Ahead 

When deciding where to stay during a business trip, ensure that you select a location that will allow you to keep fit. In case you prefer to exercise in a gym, determine whether the apartment or surrounding area has a safe sports center. If you do your workouts at home, make sure that the residence has enough comfortable space. Pack some lightweight exercise equipment like a skipping rope and several sets of workout clothes.  

Prepare Healthy Meals

Eating a balanced diet will provide you with the nutrients needed to stay healthy and help you manage work-related stress. Since corporate apartments have equipped kitchens, all you need to prepare meals is to create a menu and buy the ingredients required in advance. Furthermore, substitute deep frying with healthy cooking methods, such as steaming and grilling. It is also advisable to add some natural spices and herbs for health benefits and enhanced flavor. 

Cooking your food during a work trip will help you maintain good shape and reduce your expenses. It will also allow you to discover food combinations that are most suitable for your body type and fitness goals.

Preparing Healthy Meal

Use the Swimming Pool and Community Gym

Swimming is an effective way to have fun, make new friends and ensure that you are staying in shape. This physical exercise will tone your muscles, relieve stress, and maintain a healthy weight. If your apartment has a gym, find out their operating hours and fit them into your schedule. 

You can also check out other sports centers in the neighborhood and find out if they have all the equipment needed for your workouts. After that, develop an exercise plan based on your fitness goals and be consistent for the best results.

Engage Yourself in Outdoor Activities

Participating in fun activities outside your room can help you exercise, break a monotonous routine and allow you to discover new hobbies. Some of the things you may try out include running, cycling, hiking, and boat rowing. Exploring these activities gives a meditative effect, improves your balance, and lowers blood pressure. Find out the best sites for such adventures by researching online or asking apartment staff for recommendations.


Taking enough fluids is a crucial aspect of any health and fitness program. By drinking enough water, you improve your focus when working and the ability to perform workouts. Hydrating also detoxes the body, reduces bloating, and helps manage weight. When staying at a corporate apartment, you may get occupied with other activities and forget to drink enough water.  

Still, you can prevent this by placing a full bottle at your desk when working. Another way to make sure you are staying in shape is by carrying enough water when outside and setting regular drinking reminders on your phone.

Keep Fit During Your Work Trip by Staying at Corporate Suites

Staying in shape can be easy when you live in a serene environment that allows access to modern exercising facilities. At Corporate Suites, we provide business housing in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, Texas. Our apartments have fully equipped kitchens, exercising facilities, dog parks, and swimming pools. We also can assist with special meal requests and grocery delivery options to keep you healthy.

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