How to Make Your Furnished Apartment Feel More Like Home

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a home furnished to meet your aesthetic preferences and needs. Furnished corporate homes often attract a short-term lease because they cater to temporary tenants. Most occupants rely on intuitive decorative ideas to turn a temporary living space into a personalized environment. The global home decor market will generate an estimated $838.6 billion by 2027, meaning it is one of the most after-sought furnishing resolutions. So how do you go about making your furnished apartment feel more like home? Here are 4 tips that can help!

Add a Personal Touch

Suppose you want to feel at home when traveling for work; bringing along items that remind you of your loved ones is the surest option. A few mementos around a leased space, such as framed photos of family members or your fur baby, can work magic! Most corporate apartments allow you to bring your pet during your stay. Other personal touches may include a favorite throw or blanket, and a good speaker to play your favorite music.


Decorate Walls and Floors

Redoing the wall decor doesn't mean that you have to repaint the walls. Corporate apartments are typically tastefully decorated but are kept rather simple and neutral to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and preferences. Sometimes a pretty mirror of a colorful piece of art can liven up the decor. You could even think about removable wallpapers for temporary installations! As for the floors, an accent rug is an inexpensive way to warm up a room.  .

Bedroom Essentials 

A well-kept bedroom is a sure way of making an apartment feel homey. When traveling out of town for your career, you might want to consider carrying a few of your personal bedding favorites. Throw pillows, sheets, a favorite pillowcase and even mattress toppers are a few options.  You can also buy these items on your way to the apartment or ship them to your temporary home. This is a good way to avoid extra luggage. It is important to note that corporate housing bedrooms come with a bed, nightstands, lamp, and a dresser with mirror. Sprucing things up by adding a few personal knick-knacks like your favorite familiar scents will cozy up the bedroom. Essential oils are great for this!  


Add Some Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked, but is an excellent way to adjust the mood of a room. The best way of benefiting from lighting decor is to prioritize natural light. Translucent shears can guarantee enough inflow of natural light while maintaining privacy. If you are working from home, consider placing your desk adjacent to a window. An exterior view may promote a better work environment overall. After enhancing natural light, experimenting with lamp placement, lightbulb hue, a dimmer switch, and candles can make an unfamiliar space more comfortable. 

Benefits of “Settling In” for Health and Productivity

Settling in a living space tailored to reflect your needs promotes good health and productivity. It is similar to listening to your body and furnishing it with all its needs. A peaceful mind means improved health and memory. Settling in goes a long way in relieving stress and building confidence to tackle the day. You should also note that a vibrant living space intrigues the body to relax and even get enough sleep to improve skin health. Moving always introduces stressful elements, but allowing yourself the time to personalize your furnished apartment will pay off in the long run.

Make Your Furnished Apartment Feel More Like Home

Always keep in mind that furnished corporate homes can reflect personal needs and preferences. Even if you don’t like the furniture in place, you can always ask for a swap from the housing provider. Most temporary housing companies want you to be comfortable, and are happy to provide "extras" you might need. Additional appliances and kitchenware are usually available - just ask. Now it's time to settle in!