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For many executives traveling on assignment is frequent.  Corporate housing for businesses professionals is a smart decision, relieving the stress and hassle of finding housing. Unlike many temporary living units, our luxury accommodations come fully-equipped with all of the needed amenities for your stay. Gone are the days where the only place in town were hotels without the furnishings or hospitality that professional executives expect and enjoy.

These units are not only built for extended stays, but they come furnished will all of the necessary appliances, utensils, and other things typical in your home. Additionally, many are also adorned with vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors and granite counter tops. There are also options for professionals who are traveling with family members. Since many hotels have strict policies regarding long extended stays, it’s usually a better option to stick with corporate housing for business professionals as they are much more lenient with the timetable of stay and will provide many more options for leasing.

Corporate Suites (CS) is one such established company that provides assistance for traveling professionals and executives. Since they are partnered with many property owners around the state of Texas, there are numerous different floor plans and building styles to fit any need. They're also in the major hubs of Texas, allowing professionals to easily make a transition to Dallas, Houston, Austin, and any other Texas cities. CS is also one of the few companies that will assign an agent to work directly with the traveler, helping them settle in to the best area possible by taking location, budget and other factors into consideration.

For many professionals, there may be instances where it’s best to share lodging with a co-worker to save on money. Corporate housing for business travelers most times will offer floor plans that contain up to twice the square footage of a typical motel or hotel room. Even pets are sometimes allowed on these extended stays, making it the ideal rental option for executives who can’t be without their furry friend. And since many of these professionals are working hard, long hours throughout the day, it’s a great option to have a home away from home to come back to after a full day, rather than a cramped hotel room.

Tables, couches, beds, dressers and dining sets complete these furnished units, while other electronics come standard as well. It is better to be in control, and for many professionals, having the option to prepare their own meals is better than relying on take-out. Corporate housing for business professionals, while luxurious, can also be a much more affordable option than the typical hotel stay. Many travelers can save up to fifty percent from avoiding the ordinary short-term stay options. Hotels often stack the bill with hidden fees and up-charges, such as Wi-Fi and outgoing calls, making it a much more costly option than the luxurious alternative. 


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