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The preferred corporate housing solution for an increasing volume of businesses worldwide are those that come fully furnished and ready for occupancy. From project managers and insurance adjusters to sales executives and consultants, companies are finding themselves sending more employees to new and existing branches in order to maximize efficiency and productivity.  Typically business travelers find themselves on the road for a few days or even a week, yet certain job duties or special projects may require more than 30 days. The petite and impersonal space of a hotel room may suffice for the shorter trips, but it may not be comfortable for much longer. In this case, the preferred corporate housing would be fully furnished accommodations. According to the Corporate Housing Provider's Association, the benefits this type of lodging provides will make business travelers rethink staying in a hotel again.  

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This option may be an apartment, suite or house that is accessible as a rental on a short term basis without the need for a lengthy lease. Unlike the cookie cutter hotel room, temporary rentals come with an abundance of amenities typically found in the traveler's own home. Basic furnishings, a fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, linens, laundry equipment, basic electronics, and utilities are just some of what can be expected within most units in this category. In addition, some properties offer maid and concierge service, designated parking, private mailboxes, and exercise facilities as added luxuries. 

The additional space gained by choosing this housing provides the perfect opportunity for family members or pets to come along for the duration.  

A huge benefit to using a short term rental is that they are located throughout the Houston metropolitan area. From the hustle and bustle of downtown to the suburban areas surrounding it, a locator service can assist in finding a property in the most convenient place. 

 The rates may initially sound a bit pricier than their hotel competition, yet corporate housing is actually quite cost effective. Taking into account the savings accumulated from avoiding expenses such as per diems for meals, laundry services, and commute costs, and steep hotel parking rates, corporate housing is a more affordable option for both the company and employee. When multiple co-workers are traveling together a larger property can be obtained rather than going with numerous hotel rooms, thus saving a substantial amount of the budget.  

Working with an experienced housing provider will ease the stress of finding the ideal property. Their extensive knowledge of the Houston area and ability to locate compatible properties will ensure the traveling employee benefits from all that the preferred corporate housing has to offer.

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