A Look at Corporate Housing After the Coronavrius Pandemic

Rear view of businesswoman look at sunrise above cityCorporate housing has always been a safer, more luxurious experience than long-term hotel rentals, Air Bnb's and other lodging options. But as we take a look at what the post-pandemic wolrd will look like, it will be more important than ever for corporate lodging companies to provide value to those needing to travel for business or medical reasons.

Below are some of the ways that the corporate housing industry, like many other industries, will be forever changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While policies, procedures and the general nature of the business will change, our hope is that corporate housing can still be a viable and rewarding experience for those who need it.

Valuing Privacy and Safety

Although corporate housing has always been about providing a more private, safer alternative for business travelers, the post-pandemic environment will make a focus on those aspects even more important. With a heightened awareness for privacy and safety - it will be important for guests to know they have contactless options available for checking in and out and using amenities on the property. Guests will want to know that they can stay isolated if needed, but will remain in a comfortable living situation, with all of their needs met.  

Below are some of the changes that may be seen across all corporate housing properties:

  • Contactless check-in and check-out
  • Face coverings to be required in all interior common areas, including hallways and fitness center.
  • Amenity areas (lobby area, elevators, pools, lounges, gardens, clubrooms, gyms etc.) to have capacity limits.
  • Requirement to practice social distaning of 6 feet or more


This will be a huge focus after the pandemic. Guests will want to know what is being cleaned and how often. This aspect will become a major selling point for someone looking at competing corporate housing companies and hotels vs. air bnb, etc. 

Corporate housing companies will need to make cleanliness a priority in the post-pandemic age. Cleanliness will come in three parts: cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. All three play a major part in keeping the spread of COVID-19 down and keeping guests safe.

In addition to how to clean, what to clean will be even more important. Rooms will need to be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected pre- and post-stay. Lobbies, meeting rooms, floor corridors, gyms and any additional amenities on the property will need to be disinfected every 2 hours. While cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting should happen on a regular schedule, increasing the frequency of disinfection will need to occur based on the guest traffic in and around the property. 

High-quality technological amenities

If business travelers need to be quarantined at any point, they need to know that they have the amenities and resources needed to continue working. Corporate housing provides better working-from-home facilities than hotels and even Air Bnbs and will be an even bigger influcence on corporate guests as they look for their home away from home. 

High quality technological amenities will be vital for business travelers - good wifi and service, areas for virtual meetings, private and quiet rooms will all be expected when a guest checks in and it is important that corporate housing can provide these amenities to all guests.

Changes Coming for All Industries

The changes mentioned above have already been seen across most consumer-facing industries as businesses begin to open again. We will undoubtedly see more industries follow suit as the second wave of the pandemic hits. It is vital that the corporate housing industry take action on these changes to ensure that clients are as safe and as happy as possible, during and after the pandemic.

While COVID-19 has brought nothing but destruction to this country, it will make consumers more health conscious than ever before. Businesses need to meet the needs of this new age of consumer in order to keep their doors open, even after life goes back to normal.