Corporate Rentals Houston

Corporate rentals as a housing selection are great options for executives and professionals on extended work assignments. When compared to staying in a hotel, the cost per day is much lower, the space is greater, and the amenities available are much more like home.

There are also several differences between rentals for corporations and traditional lease agreements for either an apartment or for a home. The differences include the duration of stay, the amenities included, locations of the housing, available options and the management of the units.

Unlike regular lease agreements that require a term of six months to a year, these furnished housing arrangements usually have a time period of over 30 days, but often less than six months. As long as the term is over 30 days, the amount of time can usually be adjusted to fit the requirements of a stay. One of the benefits to this is that there is no hotel tax for the extended stay, which can often be as high as 18 percent.

The amenities included with corporate rentals compared to regular lease agreements are numerous. One of the biggest amenities is that the apartment or home will come completely furnished. All that is needed are personal items and some food that can be cooked in the kitchen. Typical lease agreements only cover unfurnished units where the renter has to provide the furnishings.

The locations of these furnished rental units are well thought out and several are in upscale, gated neighborhoods. They are close to transportation options allowing for shorter commutes. Many communities can be found in the heart of the city, enabling the executive the ability to enjoy restaurants and nightlife in their off-time.

By working with an established corporate rentals management team like Corporate Suites, many of the time consuming details can be worked out with preferred options in place. These may include proximity to the workplace, time frame of the stay, amount of space required, ability to have a pet in the unit, and the option of housekeeping.

These types of short term living arrangements are available in many cities in Texas, including Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. When it’s time for an extended stay in one of these communities, make a list of the amenities that are preferred and then contact Corporate Suites and they will take care of the rest.